61st CBCT Masterclass (4th Virtual)

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“One of the best courses I have been to. Well organised and the material was well presented. I learned a lot in an engaged and friendly virtual environment and Jimmy is a fantastic wealth of knowledge."

Dr Bernice Mclaughlin

“Essential course for an age where CBCT is ever-present.”

Dr Daniel Vaz De Souza

“Many thanks for the course - I thought it was beautifully organised and presented. It was much more enjoyable than previous courses I have attended on CBCT. Using video was in my view better than attending in person.”

Dr Guy Bailey

“This was an excellent course with a perfect mix of online interactive learning and face-to-face video link with Jimmy. The online modules are set up providing a very clear and very interesting flow that covered every aspect required. The flexibility of being able to do this in your own space was perfect for me and I would happily do this course again in this format. Thank you Jimmy and Inga for a fantastic course!”

Dr Simon Ernst


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