“I attended Jimmy’s CBCT course in Manchester a few years ago. I must admit I was not looking forward to two days of radiology!! Jimmy made the course very enjoyable to the point I would say it was one of the best courses in radiology that I have attended in my 38 years of clinical practice! Jimmy is the guru of dental radiology and I would recommend his courses to all colleagues without hesitation”

Dr Arshad Ali, Clinical Director of Scottish Centre for Excellence in Dentistry

18th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"The course was very practical and engaging. Excellent attention to detail and interest of Jimmy and the rest of his team to make sure the participants had everything on hand and ready for the course"

Dr Carolina Revilla

18th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Thanks Jim for a very informative day."

Dr Nita Gupta

18th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Good course. Well worth it and loved the way Jimmy presented."

Dr Adrian Jacques

17th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Thank you very much for the CBCT course. A really enjoyable, informative day. I enjoyed how the day was so interactive and relevant to all specialties."

Dr Daniella Bailey

17th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Thank you, it has been an excellent course, I've learnt so very much."

Dr Tanya Cerajewska

17th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Thank you very much - fantastic day!"

Dr Rebecca King

17th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Really good day - thank you"

Dr Tom Dudding

17th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Thank you very much- excellent day!"

Dr Emma Brown

17th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Really informative!"

Dr Sean Hamilton

17th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Really a great day, thank you!"

Dr Alex Pollard

17th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"A very well organised and delivered programme with excellent use of scans for real-time manipulation that really helped the learning process. Would strongly recommend. Many thanks."

Dr Kyle Durman

17th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Thank you for all your help with the logistics and organisation. The course was fantastic and I'm very grateful to Dr Makdissi. I've learned so much today."

Dr Manal Mohammed

17th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Thank you for the day! It was really insightful and useful. I have learnt lots which I know will help me with my future practice. I now feel substantially more confident with reading and diagnosing CBCT’s. Jimmy was willing to answer any questions and was very helpful. I would highly recommend the course."

Dr Miesha Virdi

17th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"The course was great, many thanks to both Dr Makdissi and Inga. It was a really useful way to become familiar with CBCTs and have the confidence to start reporting!"

Dr Sanford Grossman

17th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"I wanted to thank you for teaching us the CBCT course. It was extremely beneficial and enjoyable! The Covid times asked us all to change the way that we work, and many courses are now delivered online. Some are better than others, but there are more than a few that send you off to sleep. I can definitely say your course did the complete opposite - I was glued to the screen the whole way through and time absolutely flew by (if anything I would have wanted to keep going but it was already time for dinner!). Thank you for making the session so interactive, for never judging the wrong answers but instead pointing out where the anatomical structure would have been if that was the correct answer - I found that extremely useful. It was also great having the laptops with the pre-installed cases and software, this made the session very interactive, and I now feel much more confident to read CBCT scans. And a big thank-you to Inga for organising everything, brilliant planning skills! I honestly wouldn't change a thing, this was well organised and very well run. I will most definitely recommend your course to my colleagues and hope to stay in touch."

Dr Gabriele Baniulyte

17th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"I found the e-learning and online session incredibly interesting and useful. Dr Makdissi is an engaging and obviously thoroughly well informed speaker. The day was punctuated by anatomy tips and real-life cases that made you put all of the learning into perspective and think through how you would report on scans for your own patients. Dr Makdissi was easy to approach for advice and I feel reassured that if I have any questions I can go back to him for help in the future. I would definitely encourage any of my colleagues who utilise CBCT in their work to take this course. Thanks for a great day!"

Dr Kathryn French

17th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Was great to physically have the cases and go through and try the software and practice it"

Dr Sarah Garner

17th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Thank you, great to be taught by you again"

Dr Payal Sharma

16th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Thank you and the entire team for a wonderful course and all your help."

Dr Miriam Docrat

13th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"i have just completed 2 modules for CBCT training with Jimmy Makdissi and I must say I'm thoroughly impressed. He's managed to take a dry subject of radiology and make it engaging and clinically relevant, especially in the realm of implants. I'm very happy to have had this training and I now feel confident to take, assess and report on CBCTs."

Dr Hassan Abbas

13th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"As a beginner in implant dentistry, it has become very apparent how CBCT has changed treatment planning, allowing for implant surgeons to have more predictability and risk minimisation than ever before. I was very impressed with how comprehensively laid out the training sessions were, and Jimmy made sure the key areas were highlighted and continuously linked this back to clinical relevance in our field of practice. Thanks again JM Radiology for a very useful course, covering key topics in a concise way."

Dr Kishan Sheth

11th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Thanks for a fantastic course. It was very very helpful and exceeded what I envisioned we would be covering!"

Dr Rickesh Bhopal

10th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Thank you for the course today Jimmy, it was very informative. Hope to work with you in the future".

Dr Abbas Sajan

10th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

“Having been recommended the course by my new employer, I was extremely impressed with the course before it began. The online learning modules, which had to be completed beforehand, were both informative and engaging. As a new specialist, it was great to see the evidence based approach to this topic and Jimmy gave us some interesting reading to supplement the online course. The masterclass itself was interactive, informative and will change my clinical practice going forward. The support from his staff was appreciated in terms of logistics and reading the scans. This is a professional and high quality learning process.”

Dr Sumeet Oberai

9th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Superb course, Jimmy has a wealth of experience, knowledge and is a fantastic educator.  This course is for those who wish to feel confident in referring, justifying and reporting on CBCT radiography. Will be returning for the refresher for sure."

Dr Veenesh Ram.

8th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"This course is excellent for all levels of experience, The on line modules are so clear ,concise and interactive  , they actually make radiology fun to learn.  The Face to face webinar  with Jimmy was brilliant. I learnt a lot and felt the material was very well presented and Jimmy just makes it seem so simple !  Thank you Inga for the immaculate organisation."

Dr Jasmeen Basra

8th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"I would like to thank Jimmy and Inga for the online CBCT masterclass I attended last weekend. 
The course exceeded my expectations in many regards - especially the interactive online day with Jimmy. I gained a lot of confidence reading and interpreting CBCT after going through so many scans with Jimmy.
Once again, thank you."

Dr Sherlock Chan

7th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"I would highly recommend this CBCT masterclass. The content covered online and virtually was both comprehensive and interesting. The sections covering anatomy and pathology were excellent and there there was plenty of opportunity to ask questions throughout. Many scans were assessed during the day and some new tips and techniques I have learned will be invaluable when assessing and reporting on scans. Thank you."

Dr Jillian Clare

6th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Thanks for running the virtual CBCT masterclass last Saturday. It was very informative and a useful update for clinical practice."

Dr Neil Frazer

6th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

"Thank you for the very informative CBCT course run on 13/6/20. I think the online presentation was excellent and worked very well.  
Your assistant Inga was very supportive and ensured eventing was put in place before the start of the course. The supply of 2 laptops is a very good idea, the back-up helps to prevent the disruption if there is a computer glitch. 
I think I already feel competent in referring and reporting CBCTs.
I will be sharing my experiences in my journey, utilising CBCT images, and thank you for agreeing to be available for ongoing help and support. I will also highly recommend the course to others who want to start using CBCT in their clinical practice."

Dr Zahid Imran

5th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

“Thanks Jimmy for the excellent online course and the supporting material. It was really helpful, brilliantly interactive and seamlessly organised. I would highly recommend this course to others.”

Dr Stephen Walsh

5th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

“Dear Jimmy and Inga, thank you very much for a fantastic and useful educational day.”

Dr Peyman Alam

4th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

“One of the best courses I have been to. Well organised and the material was well presented. I learned a lot in an engaged and friendly virtual environment and Jimmy is a fantastic wealth of knowledge."

Dr Bernice Mclaughlin

4th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

“Essential course for an age where CBCT is ever-present.”

Dr Daniel Vaz De Souza

4th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

“This was an excellent course with a perfect mix of online interactive learning and face-to-face video link with Jimmy. The online modules are set up providing a very clear and very interesting flow that covered every aspect required. The flexibility of being able to do this in your own space was perfect for me and I would happily do this course again in this format. Thank you Jimmy and Inga for a fantastic course!”

Dr Simon Ernst

4th Virtual CBCT Masterclass

“Many thanks for the course - I thought it was beautifully organised and presented. It was much more enjoyable than previous courses I have attended on CBCT. Using video was in my view better than attending in person.”

Dr Guy Bailey

3rd Virtual CBCT Masterclass

“I would highly recommend Jimmy and JM radiology CBCT course. Despite lockdown, this was seamlessly arranged with a mixed teaching arrangement, both online and live. The content was massive, comprehensive and presented in an easy to digest manner. Jimmy must have run through at least 30 CBCT scans with the group, all loaded onto laptops which were sent out. Jimmy is encyclopaedic in his knowledge, but approachable, honest, open and has a fantastic presentation style. I was on the 60th group to do the course and it’s clear to see why it is so popular! Thanks again Jimmy.”

Dr Philip Friel

3rd Virtual CBCT Masterclass

“In my opinion, the Virtual CBCT Masterclass has worked really well. A great amount of CBCT scans were practiced during the day and the course was organised really well in a productive manner. It is amazing how high-quality education can still continue remotely, despite all the restrictions caused by Covid-19 outbreak.”

Dr Safa Somi

3rd Virtual CBCT Masterclass

“Thank you Jimmy for an excellent and a truly informative course and for making it a very comfortable experience from our own homes. A virtual masterclass, that’s exactly what it was. Going through CBCT scans and noting pathology and anatomy was invaluable.  I would recommend this course to anyone.”

Dr Dhanushka Tiwome

3rd Virtual CBCT Masterclass

“Thank you Jimmy for your expert tuition, your patient and thoughtful approach, your relaxed style and your comforting reassurance. Your reputation is well deserved!”

Dr Morris Weinstein

3rd Virtual CBCT Masterclass

“I enjoyed the course immensely as it updated me on several aspects of dental and maxillofacial radiology, most importantly clinical anatomy. As an oral surgeon I deal with difficult cases daily and understanding the exact position of anatomical structures are very important. The virtual meeting was great, no interruptions and all ran extremely smoothly. I would recommend it to everybody to take part. Thanks Jimmy.”

Dr Arash Zaker Shahrak

2nd Virtual and 60th CBCT Masterclass!

“I enjoyed the course immensely. I was concerned about the fact that we were going virtual and was not sure how things would work out but it did indeed! The equipment worked well and I feel I learnt loads during the course. Mr Makdissi was excellent in his presentation and I just think the level of organisation and the way the course was presented was great. I did not know much about CBCT scans but now I can say I have gained enough to effectively refer and read a CBCT scan. I most certainly will recommend this course to my colleagues.”

Dr Ayub Pangarker

2nd Virtual and 60th CBCT Masterclass!

“Going through so many scans with Jimmy was a fantastic - his techniques, tips and tricks were invaluable and my confidence reading and interpreting CBCT scans has definitely improved. Would recommend to anyone.”

Dr Christopher Navarro

2nd Virtual and 60th CBCT Masterclass!

“Very much a "Virtual Masterclass". Practical, educative, informative and totally enjoyable!”

Dr Charles Okany

2nd Virtual and 60th CBCT Masterclass!

“Thank you for the course, it was very good and I’ve learnt a lot”.

Dr Zain El Jabouri

The 1st Virtual CBCT Masterclass with Dr Jimmy Makdissi using Cisco Webex

“I would like to thank you for organising and running a fantastic CBCT virtual masterclass. It certainly exceeded my expectations. The course ran very smoothly giving the delegates opportunity ask questions and to view and report on scans.  Thank you also for sending me two laptops so I could run the course from home during the Covid-19 lockdown.”

Dr Janice Boggon

The 1st Virtual CBCT Masterclass with Dr Jimmy Makdissi using Cisco Webex

“The course exceeded my expectations in many regards - especially the interactive online day with Jimmy. Initially, I was sceptical about the online method of learning, but as the day went on, I thoroughly enjoyed it.“

Dr Radhika Baireddy

The 1st Virtual CBCT Masterclass with Dr Jimmy Makdissi using Cisco Webex

“Thanks very much for the course yesterday, I really enjoyed it. I think the online format was a great way to teach your course.”

Dr Pearse Hannigan


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