74th CBCT Masterclass (17th Virtual)

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"Really a great day, thank you!"

Dr Alex Pollard

"Thank you very much for the CBCT course. A really enjoyable, informative day. I enjoyed how the day was so interactive and relevant to all specialties."

Dr Daniella Bailey

"Thank you very much- excellent day!"

Dr Emma Brown

"I wanted to thank you for teaching us the CBCT course. It was extremely beneficial and enjoyable! The Covid times asked us all to change the way that we work, and many courses are now delivered online. Some are better than others, but there are more than a few that send you off to sleep. I can definitely say your course did the complete opposite - I was glued to the screen the whole way through and time absolutely flew by (if anything I would have wanted to keep going but it was already time for dinner!). Thank you for making the session so interactive, for never judging the wrong answers but instead pointing out where the anatomical structure would have been if that was the correct answer - I found that extremely useful. It was also great having the laptops with the pre-installed cases and software, this made the session very interactive, and I now feel much more confident to read CBCT scans. And a big thank-you to Inga for organising everything, brilliant planning skills! I honestly wouldn't change a thing, this was well organised and very well run. I will most definitely recommend your course to my colleagues and hope to stay in touch."

Dr Gabriele Baniulyte

"I found the e-learning and online session incredibly interesting and useful. Dr Makdissi is an engaging and obviously thoroughly well informed speaker. The day was punctuated by anatomy tips and real-life cases that made you put all of the learning into perspective and think through how you would report on scans for your own patients. Dr Makdissi was easy to approach for advice and I feel reassured that if I have any questions I can go back to him for help in the future. I would definitely encourage any of my colleagues who utilise CBCT in their work to take this course. Thanks for a great day!"

Dr Kathryn French

"A very well organised and delivered programme with excellent use of scans for real-time manipulation that really helped the learning process. Would strongly recommend. Many thanks."

Dr Kyle Durman

"Thank you for all your help with the logistics and organisation. The course was fantastic and I'm very grateful to Dr Makdissi. I've learned so much today."

Dr Manal Mohammed

"Thank you for the day! It was really insightful and useful. I have learnt lots which I know will help me with my future practice. I now feel substantially more confident with reading and diagnosing CBCT’s. Jimmy was willing to answer any questions and was very helpful. I would highly recommend the course."

Dr Miesha Virdi

"Thank you, great to be taught by you again"

Dr Payal Sharma

"Thank you very much - fantastic day!"

Dr Rebecca King

"The course was great, many thanks to both Dr Makdissi and Inga. It was a really useful way to become familiar with CBCTs and have the confidence to start reporting!"

Dr Sanford Grossman

"Was great to physically have the cases and go through and try the software and practice it"

Dr Sarah Garner

"Really informative!"

Dr Sean Hamilton

"Thank you, it has been an excellent course, I've learnt so very much."

Dr Tanya Cerajewska

"Really good day - thank you"

Dr Tom Dudding


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