63rd CBCT Masterclass (6th Virtual)

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"Thanks for running the virtual CBCT masterclass last Saturday. It was very informative and a useful update for clinical practice."

Dr Neil Frazer

"Thank you for the very informative CBCT course run on 13/6/20. I think the online presentation was excellent and worked very well.  
Your assistant Inga was very supportive and ensured eventing was put in place before the start of the course. The supply of 2 laptops is a very good idea, the back-up helps to prevent the disruption if there is a computer glitch. 
I think I already feel competent in referring and reporting CBCTs.
I will be sharing my experiences in my journey, utilising CBCT images, and thank you for agreeing to be available for ongoing help and support. I will also highly recommend the course to others who want to start using CBCT in their clinical practice."

Dr Zahid Imran


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